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Aechmea sumidourensis Leme, sp. nov.

October 30, 2015

Aechmea sumidourensis Leme, sp. nov. (Figs. 1-4, 5 A-G) J Brom Soc 65(2)87-92. 2015 This new species is morphologically similar to A. distichantha Lemaire, differing by the primary branches with …

New on Treasures

October 30, 2015

Steyerbromelia naquenensis Betancur & Aguirre TYPE: COLOMBIA. Guainia: Mahimachi (currently known as corregimiento departamental Pana-Pana, also previously known as Campo Alegre), Serrania de Naquen, cano Culebra, cerro del helipuerto… This …

Tracing the footsteps of Saint-Hilaire

October 30, 2015

 Tracing the footsteps of Saint-Hilaire Botanists note a loss of biodiversity, but preserved areas as well, as they retrace an 1822 expedition CARLOS FIORAVANTI | ED. 234 | AUGUST 2015 …

Gold Rush!

October 30, 2015

The Golden Dream One man’s fateful dream promised untold wealth, but also carried an ominous warning, writes Kiki Siregar.

Pitcairnia recurvata

October 27, 2015

Only 20 years late! Pitcairnia macrochlamys treated as a synonym of P. recurvata.  Pitcairnia recurvata (Scheidw.) K. Koch, Index Sem. (Berlin) 1857(App.): 4 (1858). Puya recurvata Scheidw., Allg. Gartenzeitung 10: …

The trade in wild birds

October 27, 2015

19,000: Birds for Sale in Jakarta’s Biggest Markets By RACHEL NUWER  A salesmen and his birds in one of Jakarta’s markets. Researchers warned that the trade in wild birds was …

Madagascar's 'stone forest'

October 26, 2015

Experience the craggy beauty of Madagascar’s ‘stone forest’ By: Catie Leary (Photo: Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock) There’s no shortage of fascinating places in Madagascar, but one not to miss is …