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Spider Farming Is No Fun

March 30, 2016

Sarah Zhang Spider Farming Is No Fun. Make Yeast Do the Work  A Blue Mountains funnel-web spider (Hadronyche versuta) in New South Wales, Australia.Robert Valentic/Minden Pictures Spiders are not the …

Celebrating life!

March 26, 2016

Bhutan residents celebrate royal birth by planting 108,000 trees  Melissa Breyer (@MelissaBreyer) CC BY 2.0 Greenmnm69/Wikimedia Commons The happy country that set a Guinness record for planting 49,672 trees in …

Enchanting Etiopia

March 26, 2016

 Hiking alongside rare wildlife in a country steeped in history by Sarah Kingdom    

Sark, the world's first dark sky island

March 26, 2016

Sark, the world’s first dark sky island, boasts more than the Milky Way  Catie Leary In a world saturated with light pollution, it can be challenging to find a starry …

Perilous Climate Shift

March 26, 2016

 Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries By JUSTIN GILLIS A massive boulder on a coastal ridge in North Eleuthera, the Bahamas. A new research paper claims …

From the wasteland a rich carpet of orchids

March 24, 2016

From the wasteland a rich carpet of orchids Bee orchids can thrive on thin soils associated with old factory sites and fly ash tips Photograph: Alamy Paul Simons Industrial wastelands …

Bloody hunt

March 24, 2016

 How to kill thousands of rattlesnakes in just four days By Karin Brulliard Sweetwater Jaycees clean and skinned rattlesnakes during the rattlesnake roundup in 2015. (AP/Odessa American, Courtney Sacco) The …