Aechmea magdalenae

Aechmea magdalenae

We have agreed with Utley that var quadricolor is not really a valid variety but a Cultivar. BT

Detail from Utley, J. F. Bromeliaceae. In: Flora Mesoamericana. 6: 153.1994

Translated by Derek Butcher

  1. Aechmea magdalenae (Andre) Andre ex Baker, Handb. Bromel. 65 (1889). Chevaliera magdalenae Andre, Enum. Bromel.3 (1888). Holotype: Colombia, Andre 692 (K).

Aechmea magdalenae (Andre) Andre ex Baker var. quadricolor M.B. Foster, Now Cultivar ‘Quadricolor’ Chevaliera magdalenae Andre var. quadricolor (M.B. Foster) Lyman B. Smith & W. Kress.

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