African elephants are expected to vanish in a few decades

Russell McLendon

Science journalist blogs about humans and other wildlife.

Shot by poachers, elephants seek human help

Three elephants in Kenya recently fled to a wildlife rehab camp after being hit by poison arrows, suggesting they know at least some humans are trustworthy. (Spoiler: They’re OK!)

By: Russell McLendon

December 3, 2015


 Even though the elephants were injured by humans, they seemed to realize other humans might be able to save them. (Photo: DSWT)

Africa’s elephants are under siege. Poachers are now killing them more quickly than ever before, in many places outpacing their ability to reproduce. If the slaughter continues at this rate, African elephants are expected to vanish in a few decades.

Thankfully, however, many people in Africa are also scrambling to protect elephants from this poaching boom. And while elephants could be forgiven for holding a grudge against humans in general, some of these highly intelligent mammals seem to have a remarkable knack for distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys. Read more.