Alaska´s Tundra Flowers

The surprising beauty of Alaska’s tundra flowers

August 17, 2015, 12:03 p.m.
Tundra flowers in Alaska at sunset.

Photo: Jaymi Heimbuch

When we think of the tundra, most of us probably think of a vast, flat, frozen expanse of rocks and lichen. But in reality, the tundra is home to an impressive diversity of plant life. In northwest Alaska, for example, there are dozens of flowering plant species and in the spring and summer, that supposedly barren landscape is alive with color.

The magenta flower above is called woolly lousewart flowers (Pedicularis lanata). The beautiful pink flowers covering the stalks are a stand-out on the tundra. But here you’ll also find a mix of yellow, white, pink and purple flowers blossoming in a riotous mix of color spreading low across the moist ground. Read more.

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