Brazil pledges to cut carbon emissions 37% by 2025

Brazil pledges to cut carbon emissions 37% by 2025

Brazil becomes first major developing country to pledge an absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions ahead of Paris climate talks

A rainbow over a tract of Amazon rainforest which has been cleared by loggers
Brazil has pledged to cut its emissions by reducing deforestation and boosting renewable energy. Photograph: Nacho Doce/REUTERS

The world’s seventh biggest greenhouse gas polluter said it would cut its emissions by 37% by 2025 from 2005 levels by reducing deforestation and boosting the share of renewable sources in its energy mix. It also indicated an “intended reduction” of 43% by 2030.  Read more.


Note: The Brazilian government scaled back its previous commitments of 39% by 2020 and put it now out to 2025. Why?  

Fact is that all Brazilian biomes are being irrevocably destroyed for generations. Environmental crime in Brazil has pedagogical power innocuous. “There is a consensus among experts that the government never came to lubricate the machine to environmental charge. Some even compare it to a paper tiger that does not scare anyone.

The Brazilian Cerrado follows the same fate of the original Mata Atlântica of which less than 8% is left. Converted to pasture, agriculture, eucalyptus farms or urban areas, the Cerrado is fast succumbing to the agribusine$$. A recent research led by Conservation International – CI estimates that “only 4.1% of the Cerrado is legally protected. The biome risks disappearing around 2030. Of the original 204 million hectares, 57% have already been completely destroyed and half of the remanining areas is highly altered, possibly unable to serve the purpose of conserving the biodiversity.” And more: “The deforestation of the Cerrado is alarming, reaching 1,5% or three million hectares per year. That equals 2,6 football fields per minute. Efforts from all sectors of the society are necessary to reverse this picture.” Bromeliario Imperialis

The destruction of the land – all biomes included – is, as a general rule, bad news to humankind. Did you know that our incompetence in managing natural resources is such that more than 70% of the deforestation of the Amazon ends up as garbage, that is, is simply wasted with no economical value whatsoever? That´s right, of each ten trees felled in the Amazon, seven go to the garbage can. Read more.

Last year, the Federal Attorney´s Office prosecuted the Brazilian government for being the largest deforester of the Amazon!