Brom-L Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Society

Brom-L     Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Society

The Brom-L Society is open for anybody interested in Bromeliads and without any costs!

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About Brom-L:

Brom-L was created by Cassio van den Berg to share and discuss information and experiences of bromeliad taxonomists and growers. It is like a virtual Bromeliad Society. The most important thing is to exchange Bromeliad information. As a guide, the discussions should focus on:
  • Bromeliad Taxonomy and Identification
  • Discussion of types grown
  • Cultivation techniques of certain types
  • Bromeliad events
  • Scientific, biological issues relating to bromeliads
  • Seeding and propagating techniques
  • Hybrids and hybridizing
  • Anything that would be of interest to bromeliad growers
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