Aechmea prasinata

G. Sousa & Wand. sp. nov. Fig. 1(A-K) Feddes Rep. 125: 39-42. 2014

Aechmea prasinata is similar to A. hostilis E.Pereira, and Aechmea gustavoi J. A. Siqueira & Leme of the same subgenus, in the short-peduncled and capituliform inflorescence, but differs by the oval to oblong floral bracts, apically acuminate sepals and by the green colour of all the floral parts. In A. hostilis the peduncle bracts and floral bracts are red to vinaceous, the floral bracts are lanceolate and the sepals apically mucronate and A. gustavoi presents floral bract lanceolate and brown.

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