Some of the animals and insects that visit our bromeliads

This page is intended to show you some of the animals and insects that visit and live with our bromeliads. Most of these visitors do no harm and actually help the bromeliad by leaving behind nutrients that the bromeliad can feed on. Some of these critters come by because they are attracted to the pollen on the flowers, water in the bromeliad, or other insects that are on or in the plant; others may be just passing by, and the bromeliad is on their route. Some of these creatures may not qualify as ‘Bromeliad biota’ in the strictest sense because they do not depend solely on the bromeliad for their existence.

The quote below, from Dr. J. Howard Frank, gives one explanation of Bromeliad Biota. If you are more interested in the science, please visit Dr. Frank’s site listed below. If you want to look at pictures, you have come to the right place. If you have photos of your own that you would like to share, you can email them to

“A few hundred species of animals and plants are known to science to depend to a greater or lesser extent on bromeliads as a place in which to live, or as food. These few hundred species probably are a small fraction of those that exist, because these animals and plants, together called the bromeliad biota (the word biota means all living organisms, regardless of whether they are animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, or viruses), are yet poorly studied by biologists and there is an enormous amount of research left to do. It would not be surprising if there are more species of these organisms than there are of bromeliads.”
Dr. J. Howard Frank
About Bromeliad Biota
from his web site Bromeliad Biota