SUBCHAPTER 9 – Morro do Chapéu

Morro do Chapéu

11°33’0”S – 41°9’21”W

Elevation: 1,000 mts.

Temperature: 18°/24 °C (Winter may reach 10°C)

Ten years ago I visited Morro do Chapéu for the first time. I was coming from Chapada Diamantina and heading towards Jacobina. I was just passing by and had only moments to appreciate and explore the beautiful landscape which I did with great pleasure. By the road I did collect samples of a Hohenbergia which, years later, was described as Hohenbergia magnispica. This, dear reader, is the true meaning of beginner’s luck! Finding a new species of Bromeliaceae so easily is an unforgettable happening. Needless to say, I have Morro do Chapéu in my heart!

Morro do Chapéu was the first city in the region to install wind turbines. Now it is experiencing problems – including legal – with this new technology.

Over the years I returned other times for very brief periods. Last visit occurred in 2012, when Adroaldo took me to see Ferro Doido, a beautiful ecosystem that I recommend visiting. Shots of this awesome location are included in this presentation. Much is still to be explored.