Climate change may soon diminish crop yields

Climate change may soon diminish crop yields

Max Carol Science 

Maize farmer in Mreru CC BY-SA 2.0 Neil Palmer (CIAT)

 Rising temperatures are posing a threat to global food security.

Selective breeding of crops like maize has been common practice in agriculture for thousands of years. By breeding new varieties of plants, farmers can increase crop yields, prevent the spread of disease, and adapt to droughts or other environmental conditions. Unfortunately, a new study from the University of Leeds reveals that climate change may prove to be the biggest challenge yet for crop breeders.

According to the study, rising temperatures and an increased number of droughts brought on by climate change are significantly reducing the crop durations of maize in Africa. Crop durations indicate the length of time between the planting and harvesting of a crop, and the shorter they are, the less time crops have to mature. Read more.