Cryptanthus boanovensis Leme, sp. nov.

Cryptanthus boanovensis sp. nov.

Leme, J Brom Soc 65(2) 93-99. 2015

This new species is morphologically similar to C. crassifolius Leme, differing by the leaf blades strongly veined abaxially (vs. veins not pronounced), glabrous toward the apex adaxially (vs. densely white lepidote), larger fascicles ca. 28 x 13 mm vs. 18 x 8 mm), longer sepals (13-14 mm vs. ca. 11 mm) with larger lobes (6-7 x 3 mm vs. 3 x 1.5-2 mm) and by the larger petals (ca. 35 x 6.5 mm vs. 23-27 x 3-3.5 mm). It differs from C. bahianus L.B. Smith by the stemless habit (vs. stem distinctly elongate), shorter leaves (to ca, 29 cm vs. to ca. 40 cm long), which are strongly nerved abaxially (vs. moderately nerved), larger (13-14mm vs. ca. 10 mm) and sparsely white lepidote (vs. densely white lepidote) sepals, and by the petals connate at the base for ca. 4 mm(vs. highly conglutinate). Read more.