DIY a tray garden

A tray garden is a DIY solution to bringing these beauties inside.

Tom Oder

 Tray gardens are an easy way to grow succulents at home. (Photo: Chun photographer/Shutterstock)

Believe it or not, there’s an almost indestructible type of plant that virtually anyone can grow. This is true whether you’re a non-gardener, a would-be gardener, a forgetful gardener or a truly awful gardener cursed with the blackest of black thumbs. If you’re wondering what in the world this plant could be, welcome to the forgiving world of succulents.

The reason anyone should be able to grow succulents is that if you follow a few simple guidelines, all you need to do is leave them alone. They won’t need much help after you’ve potted them up, especially when it comes to watering. That’s because succulents are from arid regions and their leaves and stems have evolved through the eons with the capacity to store water so they can survive extremely dry conditions. This is a particularly advantageous characteristic because American homes typically have humidity so low that it has been compared to that of the Sahara Desert. It’s not particularly good for people or most of their houseplants, but it’s ideal for succulents…