Encholirium fragae Forzza sp. nov.

 Encholirium fragae Forzza sp. nov. (Figs. l, 2) Phytotaxa 227(1): 013-024. 2015

Encholirium fragae fig. 2a

It shares with E. ercctiflorum, E. horridum and E. ascendens inflorescences with double heterothetic racemes and tubular corollas with completely or almost completely included stamens, differing from these and all other species by its uniformly vinaceous corolla.

Type:-BRAZIL. Bahia: Sao Desiderio, Sertaneja, cerca de 4 km de Sao Desiderio na estrada para Correntina, vegetacao sobre lapas de calcario, 581 m elevation, 12°22’46” S, 44°57’06” W, 17 May 2005, C.N. Fraga, M.M. Saavedra & J. Neri 2735 (holotype RB!, isotypes HUEFS!, US!). Read more.