Extraordinary video of massive tornado

Extraordinary video of massive tornado will leave you mesmerized

Ben Bolton

Its very rare, even for a storm chaser, to get crystal-clear video of an almost perfectly shaped, massive tornado. James Hammett has been chasing twisters for 19 years, but his most visually stunning outing may have come on June 6.

The video above shows an EF-3 tornado forming, touching down and moving across the plains of Wyoming in almost flawless shape. With a high-quality camera and perfect conditions, Hammett captured a pristine look at the raw power and beauty of this natural phenomenon.

The chase began 8 miles north of Laramie, Wyoming. An almost perfectly cylindrical shape formed as the funnel touched the ground, akin to what a special effects team might use in a film with CGI tornados.

This particularly photogenic tornado roared across flat land and along the contour of nearby mountains for nearly 45 minutes.

Several homes were damaged during the storm, but no injuries were reported, according to KTVU.