Hechtia santanae – New Species

Hechtia santanae, sp. nov.

I. Ramirez & P. Carrillo

(Figs. 1-4, Tahle 1) Phytotaxa 266(4): 261-270. 2016

The new species is similar to H. laevis L. B. Smith, a species native of the neighboring state of Colima, from which it differs in its rhizomatose habit (vs. no discemable rhizomes), shorter leaves (leaves 12-34 vs. 60 cm long), sparsely white lepidote on both surfaces (vs. glabrous above and lepidote below), staminate and pistillate branches with several basal bracts vs. without basal bracts, when in fruit, shorter pistillate branches (ca. 4-9.5 vs. 15 cm long), pistillate flowers with non-articulate pedicels (vs. articulate), sepals triangular, acute, 2.4-2.9 mm long (vs. widely ovate, apiculate, 1.5 mm long), and petals oblong, 4.7-5 mm long (vs. triangular, 3.5 mm long. Read more