Hohenbergia – the Book, a review by Derek Butcher

Hohenbergia – the Book.

A review by Derek Butcher

By Atsushi Sato and published by www.straight-books.com in 2016 it is recommended for both connoisseur and general reader alike. Although written in Japanese, the some 80 photographs will help most who are interested in plant identification. It is 15 x 21 cm. and 112 pages

I can understand the Japanese growing Tillandsias in their climate so was surprised they grow Hohenbergia – the prickly tanks. They also follow the trend of Bromeliad growers by only growing those in the genus not found in the Greater Antilles. Some 48 species are covered. What I found intriguing were the anomalies between descriptions and herbarium specimens that Atsushi found when entering the ‘sacred’ world of the academic botanist.

The editor negotiated an agency in Japan and overseas orders became possible from the site below.http://utrecht.jpThis site is written only in Japanese but buyers can mail to the address below to get information in how to order in English. info@utrecht.jp

About US$25 plus postage

Note: Congratulations for the beautiful initiative, Atsushi!