How I created a wildlife garden from scratch

Build it and they will come: how I created a wildlife garden from scratch

Before she set to work, Kate Bradbury’s new garden lay under a life-suppressing layer of decking and stones. One year on, this small plot is already starting to burst into life

Peacock butterfly (left) and small tortoiseshell on a buddleia plant. Butterfly magnet: Kate Bradbury painstakingly removed decking and stones from her small garden to make way for wildlife-friendly plants. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Kate Bradbury

This week I’m celebrating the first anniversary of moving into my new home and, crucially, having a garden again. I have mixed emotions about the date – it represents a year of stability after a turbulent couple of years, so it’s something of a muted celebration. Yet without change, so they say, there would be no butterflies. And it is butterflies, or the promise of them and other wildlife, that has got me and the garden to where we are today. Read more.