How to attract your favourite birds to your garden?

Seed-eating birds like this male king parrot enjoy birdbaths – but they like food even more. Glenn Pure

Birdbath, food or water? How to attract your favourite birds to your garden

 Grainne Cleary

 This summer, when a rainbow lorikeet or kookaburra comes to visit your home, what will you do? Will you offer them a slice of apple, or simply watch until they take flight?

It brings many people joy to provide food and water for birds, to encourage them to stay a while and be given the chance to observe them more closely. But some people are reluctant to interact with birds in this way because they’re worried it might damage the birds’ health.

In contrast with other countries, little research has been done on the effects of feeding birds in Australia. As a result, there are no established guidelines around how to feed and provide water for local birds….