Latitude: 14° 06′ 10.0” S

Longitude: 39° 00′ 54.0” W

Maraúis a short distance from Itacaré by dirt road. The travelling time though is unpredictable for it will depend on the weather, that is, it is subject to the damage produced by rain to the road. After a heavy rain – quite normal in the area –, access may change dramatically to the point of blocking all passage. Even 4×4 transport may not overcome the obstacles, consisting mostly of impenetrable mud. Remember: do not venture in small cars, NEVER at night and without a guide and GPS. There is sea, river and air transportation available. See below.

I share the apprehension of many locals and tourists concerning the paving of the existing dirt road. Will it bring more hospitals and beneficial infrastructure to the community? Or only loads of money for politicians and associates, not to mention violence, environmental impact and all sorts of problems associated with development, a common trend which my country seems unable to resolve? Why is it that Brazil seems incapable to conciliate progress without corruption, impunity and escalating social evils? Others try to console me by saying that it is a global problem but that does not appease my spirit.

Maraú is a place of peace and beautiful scenery that offers kilometers of deserted and unspoiled white sandy beaches, translucent coral-encrusted lagoons (Taipus de Fora), rich biodiversity and exuberant vegetation, tourist accommodation for all pockets, delicious cuisine, hospitable people and a glorious sun.

The Trilha das Bromélias – now closed to visitors – is the sanctuary of gigantic bromeliads (Aechmea multiflora). The photos you are about to see are stunning and I guarantee they are not the product of Photoshop! In fact, I can´t find an explanation for the monumental size of these plants at this site. Aechmea multiflora is found in other areas along the coast of Bahia but never reaching half of the size seen at this extraordinary habitat. They are by far the largest bromeliads I have ever seen.

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Obrigado, Oscar – Bromeliario Imperialis, Rio, Brazil – Jun 2014

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Air transportation

Hotels in Maraú and Itacaré

Aechmea multiflora:

NEW: Explore the road to Marau in 3D with Google Street View (images of 2012)! Note: In March 2014 the way was much worse.

Photos by Oscar Ribeiro

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