New Species: Disteganthus gracieae

Disteganthus gracieae

Aguirre-Santoro & Michelang., sp. nov. Brittonia 67(3): 233-242. 2015

Type: French Guiana. Saul. Vicinity of Eaux Claires, on Route de Belizon, to 2 km S of Eaux Claires, 3°37’N, 53°12’W 200-300 m, 8 Nov 1992, S. A. Mori, C. Gracie, J. Knudsen & B. Stahl 22855 (holotype: NY; isotypes: CAY, U). (Figs.2,3)

Disteganthus gracieae is similar to D. lateralis but differs from this species by its blades narrowed towards the base (vs. linear-oblong); upper bracts of the peduncle and basal floral bracts elliptical to oblanceolate (vs. ovate to lanceolate); longer and narrower inflorescence rachis ((2.5-)3.5-8 cm x 3-4 mm vs. 1-1.5(-2.5) cm x 6-10 mm); evidently pedicellate flowers (pedicels 4-10 mm vs. 0-3 mm); sepals more than 1/3 to 2/3 connate (vs. free to less than 1/3 connate); longer petals (47-48 mm vs. (15-)30-40  mm); glabrescent to sparsely floccose sepals and ovaries (vs. densely floccose); and longer seeds (8-10 mm vs. 5 mm). Read more.

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