New Species: Disteganthus morii

Disteganthus morii

Aguirre-Santoro & Michelang., sp. nov. Brittonia 67(3): 233-242. 2015

Type: Suriname. Sipaliwini: Trail to Saramaca river, about 2.5 km E of Rudi Kappel airstrip, 3°47’13.7″N, 56°7’30.3″W, 315 m, 24 Aug 2013, J. Aguirre-Santoro & F. A. Michelangeli 1909 (holotype: BBS; isotypes: NY, U, US). (Figs.3,4)

Disteganthus morii differs from D. lateralis by its shorter leaves (120-160 cm vs. 200-280 cm long); blade linear-lanceolate (vs. linear-oblongue), gradually narrowed towards the base (vs. not narowed at all), and narrower (1.3-3.2 mm vs. 4-8 mm wide); slender peduncle (3-5 mm vs. 6-10 mm in diameter); narrower inflorescence (3.8-6 cm vs. 6.5-8.5 cm wide); sepals basally connate for 7-15 mm (vs. free to basally connate for no more than 4 mm); and longer petals (57-58 mm vs. (15-) 30-40 mm long). Read more.