New Species: Dyckia ferrisincola

Dyckia ferrisincola

O.B.C. Ribeiro & Leme, sp. nov. (Figs. 7-10, 6, G-L) J Brom Soc 65(1): 14-27. 2015

This new species differs from its closest relative, Dyckia saxatilis Mez by the lower number of leaves (11-14 vs. ca. 21), which are longer (20-26 vs. ca. 15 cm), white lepidote at the base abaxially and glabrous elsewhere (vs. covered beneath with fine strongly adpressed trichomes), peduncle densely covered by white filamentous trichomes (vs. soon glabrous), floral bracts bearing a central protruded nerve and appearing carinate toward the apex (vs. without a central protruded nerve), and by the broadly spathulate petals (vs. broadly obovate).

Type BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Sarzedo, Mina de Jangada, 1202 m elevation, 20°05’28” S,44°05’49.2″W, 1 September 2009, O.B.C.Ribeiro 249 (holotype BHCB!). Read more.

Note: The author of the photos is Otavio B.C. Ribeiro and NOT Oscar Ribeiro or O. Ribeiro as published on BSI Journal.