New species: Dyckia incana

Dyckia incana

O.B.C. Ribeiro & Leme, sp. nov. (Figs. 11-15, 6 M-S) J Brom Soc 65(1): 14-27. 2015

This new species differs from its closer relatives by the leafblades densely covered by a coarse layer of cinereous trichomes on both sides. It also differs from Dyckia oligantha L.B. Sm., by shorter spines, glabrous peduncle, shorter floral bracts which equal to slightly exceed the pedicels, flowers secund , shorter sepals, and by the petals ecarinate and shorter; from D. brachyphylla L.B. Sm. by the shorter marginal spines, flowers secund, sepals with apex obtuse and filaments connate at the base for ca. 1.5 mm in a common tube with the petals, ca. 1.5 mm wide at the base; and from Dyckia macedoi by the unilaterally secund flowers, and by the distinct sryle.

Type BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Nova Lima, gravel road ca. 15 km after Condominio Miguello toward the town of Rio Acima, 1310 m elevation, 20°07’29” S,43°54′ 43″ W, 21 April 2010, O.B.C. Ribeiro 268, M. Moreira & E.I. Barbosa (holotype BHCB!, isotype HB!). Read more.


Note from Oscar Ribeiro: The credit of the shots (JBS) need correction. The author is Otavio B.C. Ribeiro and not O. Ribeiro.