New Website!

Dear readers,
After a few months of hard work, I am pleased to announce the release of our new website, with a user-friendly navigation and updated with the latest information on an environment of the highest technology. Amongst the new features the site now contains integrated social media buttons to foster improved communication and legend have been added to thousands of photos. 

Today our site is one of the most detailed Bromeliaceae databases of the internet. I believe in free scientific information, that is, open consultation (no need of registration) and unlimited download. The sun is for all. 

Thanks to Derek Butcher and countless enthusiasts over the years, a dream has come true: “Bromeliads in the Cloud” is the source of  precious information to specialists and amateurs such as myself.  

The series Bromeliad Habitats is also home of the most comprehensive coverage of the Brazilian “Cadeia do  Espinhaço – Espinhaço Range” on the internet.

 When you have a few minutes, please review our new site. You will feel the commitment, the passion, and dedication I invested on this project. 

 If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them our way.

 Obrigado, Oscar

Rio, June 24th, 2017