Subchapter 8 – Past, Present, Future


Led by my friend Adroaldo, I visited the outskirts of Jacobina where I found an exuberant vegetation in spite of the dryness of the landscape. What a paradigm for this extraordinary biome called Cerrado! We explored the area for hours and I couldn´t have enough of the extraordinary biodiversity where so many species coexist in peaceful harmony.

The human-made markings placed on natural stone thousands of years ago are still visible, although some have been intentionally and criminally damaged. These pictographs (pictures which resemble what they signify) and ideograms (symbols which represent ideas) are a legacy of ancient peoples that should normally be preserved and guarded. Regrettably, though, nothing is taken care of and it is a miracle that little still exists. The last photos of this presentation are a proof of what is said and, sadly, what future generations will inherit of the citizenry.

Oscar – Rio, Dec. 2012