Pitcairnia beycalema

Pitcairnia beycalema

Beer, Bromel. 63. 1857. WAS treated as a synonym of P. flammea now species in own right –see Saraiva et al 2015 

Pitcairnia muscosa sensu Hooker, Bot. Mag. 80: pl. 4770. 1854; non Martius, 1830.

Pitcairnia leiolema hortus ex Beer, Bromel. 62. 1857; nomen.

Hepetis beycalema (Beer) Mez, DC. Monogr. Phan. 9: 973-1896.

Synonym Pitcairnia corcovadensis Wawra, Oesterr. Bot. Zeitschr. 12: 384.1862; Wawra, Bot. Ergebnisse Reise Maximillian 1.160, t. 27. 1866.- see Saraiva et al 2015, see also below

Desc of P. beycalema from S&D.