Genus and species?

Quesnelia arvensis (Vell.) Mez

Ecological data:

  1. arvensis grows as a terrestrial or epiphytically in occupied coastal areas or Restinga in the Atlantic Pluvial Forest. It occurs rupicolously or epiphytically on gibbers close to rocky coasts at sea level, also being found epiphytically in coastal forest swamps and in mangroves.

Field observations and herbarium records indicate a period of concentrated flowering in the months of June to August. Some collections occasionally record flowers also between the months of February and May. Ripe fruits were observed mainly between August and October, and less frequently in March to May.

Geographical distribution:

  1. arvensis is endemic to the southeast-south portion of Atlantic Coast, occurring from the Southwest of the state of Rio de Janeiro to the extreme east of Paraná (Fig. 5)

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