Genus and Species?


Aechmea fendleri Andre ex Mez, DC. Monogr. Phan. 9: 223. 1896.

Aechmea paniculigera Grisebach, Nachr. Ges. Wiss. Gott. for 1864: 17. 1865; in part, not as to basionym.

Aechmea fendleri Andre, Bromel. Andr. 13. 1889; nomen provisorium.

Aechmea porteoides Britton, Bull. Torrey Club 48: 328. 1922. Type. Mount Tocuche, Trinidad, Brit­ton, Hazen & Mendelson 1342 (NY).

Desc from S&D

Leaves rosulate, 9 dm long;

Sheaths subovate, subdensely brown-lepidote;

Blades linear, abruptly acute and sometimes ending in a soft spine, 55 mm wide, chartaceous, serrate toward base with brown spreading spines 2 mm long and toward apex with smaller antrorse ones, glabrous above, brown-lepidote beneath.

Scape decurved; scape-bracts soon deciduous.

Inflorescence paniculate, cylindric, interrupted, 2- 7 dm long, the terminal spike 15 cm long, simple, pale-lepidote;

Primary bracts small and in­conspicuous;

Branches subfasciculate, wholly fertile, laxly 2-4-flowered, 2-6 cm long;

Rhachis strongly geniculate, slender.

Floral bracts spreading or reflexed, linear-subulate to a soft point, 5 mm long, entire, free from the rhachis;

Flowers sessile, 23 mm long.

Sepals free or nearly so, strongly asymmetric with a large wing on the right side, spreading-mucronulate, 12 mm long, nerved;

Petals acute, mucronulate, 17 mm long, bearing 2 crenate scales at base;

Stamens included, the second series adnate to the petals to above the scales;

Ovary subclavate, stout, 8 mm long, 6 mm in diameter; epigynous tube very large, funnelform.

Type. Fendler 2454 (holotype, K; photo K 7447; isotype, GH), near Colonia Tovar, Venezuela, 1856-57.

Distribution. Epiphytic in humid forest, 500-1300 m alt, Venezuela and Trinidad.

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