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Michael d’Estries

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Robotic deer help catch poachers in the act

New animatronic deer feature lifelike moving head, tail, and legs.

By: Michael d’Estries

October 15, 2015


Advanced robotic deer, like this one from the company Robotic Wildlife, are increasingly being used to catch poachers. (Photo: Robotic Wildlife)

Deer illegally targeted by hunters in states like South Carolina, Arizona, Indiana and Ohio have a new ally in the form of a robotic doppelgänger.

So called “robo-deer” are being put to use by state game and fish departments in an increasing effort to catch poachers in the field. While the animatronic ruses have been used for several years now, it’s incredibly difficult to tell the new versions from the real thing.

The $1,500-$3,000 models now feature a moving head, tail, ears and even legs. Each decoy can take up to 1,000 shots before it needs to be replaced. Read more.