The Amazon Fund is a REDD+ mechanism created to raise donations for non-reimbursable investments in efforts to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation, as well as to promote the preservation and sustainable use in the Brazilian Amazon…

BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank)

The BNDES is the manager of the Amazon Fund (Fundo Amazônia), created in 2008 to raise donations earmarked for non-refundable investments in preventing, monitoring and combating deforestation, in addition to the conservation and sustainable use of the Amazon biome forests…


“The Amazon Fund has received donations from foreign governments and companies (see table below) and is also preparing to receive donations from multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals…


The “Amazon Fund” was created during the Lula administration to raise funds to be used to combat deforestation. The main donor, with 93.8% of the values, is Norway. The same Norway whose government is a majority partner of MINERADORA HYDRO, which operates in the Amazon region, responds to more than TWO THOUSAND PROCESSES for environmental crimes (including a toxic mud spill in the state of Pará) and owes more than R$14 MILLION in fines to the Brazilian government…

First, it is worth remembering that the land use law in the Amazon region is one of the most restrictive on the planet.

While in the South and Southeast the property must maintain 20% of native forest, in the North the requirement is 80%.

That is, a property of 100 hectares can only cultivate 20. Deforesting these 20, however, is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL (beyond necessity. After all, nobody does photosynthesis. So we need food).

That’s exactly the discussion about INPE’s data.

When the agency (INPE) released that preview, it referred to the TOTAL DEFORESTATION verified by the  satellite images. It was therefore necessary to confirm if this deforestation was REALLY ILLEGAL or it covered only arable areas authorized by law!

The premature disclosure was TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE and the president is right to question them. A public agency more than any other, must have a COMMITMENT TO THE TRUTH…

One has to be VERY INNOCENT to believe that Europe, which has devastated almost all of its native vegetation, is concerned about deforestation of the Amazon, which in 519 years amounted to only 8%. Yes, 92% of the forest is ABSOLUTELY INTACT, since the discovery.

Felipe Fiamenghi – 14/08/2019


Norwegian mining company had ‘clandestine duct’ to throw tailings into Amazonian springs

“Last year, amid criticism from the Norwegian government over deforestation in the Amazon, BBC Brazil reported that the company owed R$ 17 million to Ibama in fines for contamination of rivers in the region in 2009.” Not only the company did not pay its fines to the local government, but it continuing polluting the forest…

Hydro-owned company is accused of poisonous emissions in Brazil

Hydro-eid selskap anklages for giftutslipp i Brasil

Drikkevannet til mennesker to kilometer unna raffineriet skal ha blitt ødelagt av giftige utslipp. Brasilianske myndigheter krever handling.


Publicado em 8 de julho de 2019

The so-called Amazon Fund, created by the Kingdom of Norway and for which it is the main contributor (over 90%), was awarded somewhere around 2.5 billion Reais, intended primarily to preserve the biome Amazon (80%) and others (20%).

Norway is considered around the world as a model to be followed in protecting its environment, which is a contradiction because it is at the same time one of the world’s leading oil and gas exporters. That is, it protects its own and lives from the pollution of the countries to which it sells oil and gas.

As the 15th largest oil producer in the world, the country is indirectly a major player in global warming and has become a major donor to forest protection systems in Brazil and other countries….

Any more accurate evaluation of the Fund will find, deep down, deviations of purpose, distribution of resources by political criteria and lack of oversight by TCU and CGU (Brazilian entities), among other symptoms of corruption.

The distribution of resources to “allied” NGOs of the cause, from all origins and fundamentals, exempt from state agency oversight, allows one to suspect even and particularly that they are feeding and subsidizing the MST, their property invasions and other aggressions to the environment and public order …

On the other hand, if we turn our eyes to the “New Viking Age”, we will find, already occupying part of the national territory, the Norwegian mining company Norsk Hydro, benefited with tax waiver of the order of 7.5 billion Reais! If we compare this amount with Norway’s 2 billion “donated” to the Fund, we are entitled to believe that this “environmental philanthropy” cost us more than 5 billion!

So friends, without going too far into the subject and unsurprisingly, we can conclude that this smoke deserves to be investigated because undoubtedly behind or beneath it is a fire that needs to be put out as soon as possible.

Gen Paulo Chagas