The do's and don'ts of helping wild animals

What to do if you find hurt or abandoned wildlife

The do’s and don’ts of helping wild animals get the care they need.

Jenn Savedge

Injured baby bird

Would you know what to do if you came across an injured animal in the wild? (Photo: MichelleHodgson/Shutterstock)

Let’s say you’re cruising along on the highway, listening to your kids chatter in the backseat and mentally making a shopping list for dinner, when suddenly you spot an injured animal on the side of the road. Would you know what to do?

For starters, you should find a safe place to pull over so that you can assess the situation. Then follow these do’s and don’ts so that you can be sure to get the animal the help it needs. Read more.


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The key is to take a gentle approach and let the pros take over if need be.