The future of aerial drones

Michael d’Estries Pop-culture expert writes about the arts (and irresistible movie monsters.)

Next generation drones will swarm, follow, and paint the sky

Industry leader DJI gives a glimpse into the future of aerial drones with its Phantom X concept.

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By: Michael d’Estries November 6, 2015, 7:58 p.m.

So you think it’s pretty cool that your drone can climb to 400 feet and take a photo of your house? Just wait until you see what engineers have planned for the future. DJI, the manufacturer behind the popular Phantom and Inspire quadcopters, has released a video showing off the technology they’re working on for their next generation drones. At the center of this concept video is the Phantom X, which DJI dreamed up to include multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking. Read more.