The Houston Botanic Garden

Meet the beautiful botanic garden that has some Houston residents seeing red, not green

Houston, do we really have a problem?

Matt Hickman

BC Houston

While the potted tree-topped bridge may eventually go, the master plan for Houston Botanical Garden is nothing less than enchanting. (Rendering: West 8)

Say what you will about the heat (and the traffic, and the rain and the skeeters and the …) but Houston, a sprawling port city born on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, has a lot going for it: a wealth of world-class cultural attractions, a vibrant food scene and more urban parkland than any of the 10 most populous cities in the United States.

There is, however, one thing that Houston lacks: a proper botanic garden.

Sure, this Texan swamp town of more than 2 million residents has notable arboretums, nature centers, horticultural facilities and public gardens of all shapes and sizes. And, as mentioned, Houston has parks — nearly 50,000 acres of land dedicated to park space. It’s also a city blessed with a ridiculous abundance of museums — museums dedicated to weather, natural science, human health, contemporary art, Czech culture … and the list goes on. Read more.