Tribute to Teresia Strehl



Uma das mais belas variedades de Tillandsia aeranthos, descrita por Teresia Strehl em 2004: Tillandsia aeranthos var.albeobracteata.

Luiz Filipe Varella

Tillandsia aeranthos (L) Smith, var. albeobracteata T. Strehl Divul. Mus. Cienc. Tecnol. – UBEA/PUCRS, Porto Alegre. N. 9, p. 25-32, dec. 2004

Type: Brasil, Rio Grande do Sul, Viamao; 9.IX.1999, T. S. Nunes s/n, (Holotypus HAS 40514); (Paratype: Porto Alegre, Lami; 26.VIII.2000, T. Strehl, 1273 HAS 101100). Tambem observada e coletada em outros Bair­ros de Porto Alegre e Viamao.

A Tillandsia aeranthos in bracteis color exsanguis differt.

FLORAL BRACTS wide-ovate, inflated, membranaceous, nerved, 1,2-1,5 X 0,6-0,8 cm, green-yellowish to slightly rosy, covered with scales close to the apex. SEPALS membranaceous, lanceolate, acute, glabrous, yellowish, carinate. PETALS ligulate, white base, round apex, dark blue.

The name of the variety makes reference the white color of the bracts.

Found as an epiphyte in the urban vegetation, in several neighborhoods of Porto Alegre. It blooms between July and September. 

Tillandsia aeranthos var. albeobracteata, stands out by having bracts and sepals a clear yellowish green colour (vs. red rosy bracts); petals dark blue (vs. white petals or lilac).

Note: this is a humble tribute to late Teresia Strehl. RIP.