Veterinarians help save Africa's endangered mountain gorilla

Veterinarians help save Africa’s endangered mountain gorilla

 When the first Gorilla Doctor began helping mountain gorillas, the species was almost extinct. Today, they’re the only population of great apes that’s growing.

The following script is from “Gorilla Doctors,” which aired on Oct. 9, 2016. Lara Logan is the correspondent. Max McClellan, producer.

There are only about 950 mountain gorillas left on Earth. Habitat loss, poaching, and disease have made them one of the most endangered animals alive. But their numbers are rising, thanks in large part to a group of veterinarians called “Gorilla Doctors.” Their team has 16 doctors who operate all across the gorilla’s territory, a vast rainforest that spans three countries — Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo. We went to Africa to meet them, and not long after we arrived, we got see how difficult their job can be. An adult female gorilla in the DRC had caught her wrist in a poacher’s snare. Read more.