Hechtia ibugana New Species
 Dame Daphne Sheldrick on Love, Life and Elephants American Museum of Natural History For more than four decades, Dame Daphne
The unexpectedly weird and beautiful world of lichens Lichens are not what you think they are. Not plant, not fungus
Italus, l’albero più vecchio d’Europa  (Italus, the oldest tree in Europe) Il racconto della sua scoperta da parte dei funzionari
Climate and Environment The end of Florida orange juice? A lethal disease is devastating the state’s citrus industry. As the
Original Article  Free Preview Efficacy of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in Healthy Children and Adolescents List of authors. Shibadas Biswal,
Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica Ants Never Get Stuck in Traffic Jams. Here’s Why Humans, take notes.  Unlike humans, ants don't
Fosterella atlantica, bodoquenensis, lilliputiana New Species
Have amended Fosterella batistana, hatschbachii, penduliflora,windischii and yuvinkae
A thought-provoking presentation by Professor Hans Rosling that reveals the surprising trends shaping today’s world. Hans Rosling, Professor of International
Green Renaissance 'Every single day I live life. It is living today.  It's not about 'someday I'll do this'... that
VIDEO. Désert de l'Arizona : un des plus beaux déserts du monde "The Wave", la vague en anglais, se trouve
Octo in a cup Pall Sigurdsson We spent a whole dive and most of our air saving this octopus from
Dyckia vilsonii  New Species
Dyckia apiunensis New Species
Greta Thunberg of the school #ClimateStrike fame made a compelling, if somewhat dystopian, presentation at COP24. Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager
Where beauty reigns supreme among the 'people of the taboo' by Trevor Cole The Wodaabe tribe are nomadic pastoralists of
États-Unis : des poissons largués dans les airs pour repeupler les lacs Pour repeupler les lacs de montagne de l'Ouest
Light Billions of Times Brighter Than the Sun Used to Read Charred Scrolls From Herculaneum The eruption of Mount Vesuvius