Dear reader,

This site comes to light as a source of information for botanical experts and amateurs such as me. The photos of remote habitats are a vivid register of the wilderness where nature still reigns undisturbed and where I feel free and fulfilled like a child.

This site is originally written in English. It offers, however, a useful translation tool – beware of certain “interpretations” – covering major languages. I write in English because my first articles on bromeliads were meant for Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies – FCBS  where they are still being published thanks to its webmaster Mike Andreas. The first chapter of the series “Cadeia do Espinhaço” was released in 2008. All chapters are now reproduced here also.

I love bromeliads but have no interest in the taxonomic details. This did not deter me from discovering new species: Orthophytum heleniceae; Hohenbergia igatuensis, magnispica and latovaginata. A fortunate consequence of choosing the right places to visit.

In Derek Butcher I found a friend, a daring mind (never afraid of questioning things) and a reliable source of information in all things related to bromeliads. His generosity in ceding his personal files to the site – over 8GB of data! – will, undoubtedly, help professionals and fans all over the world. His files are a treasure. Our gratitude, BT! (If you wonder about the nickname BT it stands for ‘Broken Tie’ and refers to the time when he was at the New Zealand Conference in 2003  when his tie was cut in half because things were meant to be informal!)

About us? My photos and small texts tell more about me than any long descriptive writing I may produce. Hope you enjoy the site and somehow guide others in the path of respect and love for nature.

Now retired, I spend a good time wandering. Please do not feel offended if I take a long time to respond to E-mails. Life is short.

Oscar – Rio, March 2015.